Tech Competencies

We won’t claim we will do everything under the sun, though we surely can. Suffice to say, we specialize in developing and providing technology services and solutions within the Digital Marketing ecosystem, to make different components work seamlessly together, and deliver better outcomes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

To be able to manage these exchanges, interactions and relations with your customers, you need a tool that has the ability to collect data from multiple sources (or channels) and provide you with a macro and micro ability to interact and close sales. Moreover, having such tools allow you to re-engage (retarget) these customers for future offerings and promotions. Whether you are a B2B, B2C or B2B2C business, ultimately it is a P2P (Person to Person or personalized) sales & engagement process. Therefore, installing a robust and scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is essential to manage your leads and engage with your customers.

Tools Expertise


Don’t be fooled into believing you need a custom e-commerce platform, developed from ground-up. There are many commercial 3rd party e-commerce platforms available for different business models. We will select the right e-commerce platform, implement it and configure it as well. Theme selection for your website, designing your e-commerce pages, customer journey definition to meet your KPIs such as bottom line revenue optimization, better conversion rates or an effective customer acquisition strategy, 3rd party tools integration, Scalavity will handhold you all the way. And what’s more, we will manage this entire infrastructure for you on an ongoing basis under Managed Services model.

Tools Expertise

Content Management System

Whether you have a custom or a commercial third-party subscription software for managing your content, we have the expertise to install, configure and manage them. We can even fully integrate them into your business, enhance business flows and catered to meet your business needs.

Tools Expertise

App Integration

Whatever your business model and nature of business may be, you will need to at some point have different systems in the ecosystem that need to work together to bring in scale and efficiencies. Wherever such pre-built hooks exists, we will use them. Wherever they do not, we will build those hooks for you.

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