Data is the new oil! However, what is important is what you do with the vast amount of data that is generated. Data remains data unless it is interpreted and presented in a way to glean useful insights from it and help you make informed decisions. There are various tools available in the market that collect the data but the reports and the resulting insights what makes the difference between data and information/insights. We help your business data driven by implementing various analytical tools such as:

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Strategy Analytics
  • Social Customer Relationship Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • eCommerce Analytics

UI/UX & Experience Design

UI/UX and Experience Design is both an art and science. It requires careful analysis of your customer’s intended interaction with your application to maximize their experience. Backed by experienced UI/UX designers, we, at Scalavity, bring to bear the best of industry standards and interviews with your team to design a website or an application that does exactly that. Check out some of our work…..


RPA and IRPA (Intelligent RPA)


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